What the Hell Wednesday

The ladies over at BlueMonkeyButt.com have been doing What the Hell Wednesdays for quite a while, and since I’m a big fan and find myself saying What the Hell?! quite often, I’ve decided to bring WTHW over here for all of our gripes enjoyment.

I just can’t seem to shake this cold…it wakes me up in the middle of the night coughing and sounding like a freakin’ seal, which wakes up the baby and means I’m not going to get enough sleep again. At least it comes with a sexy, throaty voice a la Demi Moore, WTH?!

Men confuse the living crap out of me. I tell hubby we need to straighten the area rug in the den that is on top of the wall-to-wall carpeting because it’s starting to look like a roller-coaster built specifically for 5-year-old feet wearing roller-skates, and he starts a huge argument about the correct way to do it, and how dare I tell him because he’s been working on floors for 10 years, yada yada yada, then we end up doing it my way anyway! What the Hell??!!

I’ve decided to rework my blog design yet again. I’m just not satisfied using a design someone else created, which means I have to buy software…WTH?! Seems like I’m just not happy unless I’ve got so much stuff to do I feel like I’ve got a whale on my shoulders. At least my class at Ashford U. is winding down so I’ll have a few days to work on it, just don’t hold your breath, because it will probably take a while.

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