Back from Vacation

Well, we had a wonderful time at the lake!

Connor did go swimming – he even swam way out to the floating dock and was jumping off into Lee’s arms! Too bad I’m short of breath with the pregnancy, or I could have joined in on that part…just making it out to the dock was an effort.

I really wish Frank wasn’t selling that house though. If I was him, I’d rent it out rather than sell it, but he doesn’t like the idea of other people being in there – kinda silly if you ask me. It’s a great little four-season house with the lake coming right up into the back yard. We will miss it when it sells.

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Yay! We’re going away this weekend!

My mother-in-law invited us to her boyfriend’s lake-house in New Hamshire for the weekend. We had a ball when we went last year – the lake comes right up to their backyard.

Hm-mm….campfire at night with roasted marshmallows, cruises on the lake in the pontoon boat, all weekend just relaxing! I wonder if Connor is going to want to go swimming this year…we have a life-jacket, and he does really well in swimming pools, but a lake is much bigger than a pool, so we’ll see.

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