Breaking the News

Before I tell you how breaking the news to my mother went, I have to tell you how Connor reacted.

He was being a little too rough with me one day, so I took the opportunity to warn him to “be careful with mamma because there’s a baby growing in my belly, and in a few months, my belly will be way out to here”. His four year old response: “my belly’s going to be bigger!” I nearly peed my pants I was laughing so hard! So, in order to help the idea sink in, I showed him the pictures from the ultrasound. He seemed to get the idea, and when I asked if he’d like a brother or sister, he said sister…fingers crossed even harder, LOL. Just a side note – before realizing I was pregnant, I had asked Connor if he’d like a brother or sister – just to see what he’d say. “No, I want a dog!” was not exactly what I was shooting for.

Okay, now for the hardest part – when I told my mother. The thought of telling my mother had made me want to throw up since the day I took the pregnancy test at home. Since the day Connor was born, she’s been pounding into my head that a second child ruins the first and turns them into a spoiled brat, so you can imagine how hard this was for me.

I had already put it off for about a month – I wanted to wait until I had my doctor’s appointment and my first ultrasound so I would know how far along I was, and an opportunity came up…my step-father’s family cookout. His brother threw one at his home every year, and I was shaking at the thought of her noticing before I had a chance to tell her (I usually have a very flat belly, and I have a very clearly defined roundness in front – way earlier than I did when I was pregnant with Connor). I was thinking about how to tell her, when my sister Stacey arrived, and she was very upset. When we were pretty much alone, I asked her to come in front of the house with me, and asked her what was wrong – we talked about that for a few minutes, then told her I was pregnant and asked what she thought I should do with my mother. She was very helpful! She suggested I tell her right then and there, so I did – before I chickened out.

I asked my mother to come out front with me, and before I was even through my “I’ve been putting this off” speech – she figured it out…and reacted exactly the way I thought she would. I said “please stop – I don’t need the negativity. Lee and I are happy about this, and yes, we’re scared, but we’ll be okay”, at which point she started to turn around and said she was worried, but wished me the best.

Thank GOD that’s over – one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. No, I didn’t throw up, but I sure thought I would for a while there.

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