Leprechaun Trap – the Final Product

Well, due to lack of available supplies (seriously – when will retailers realize they’d make out better if they kept holiday supplies stocked until the actual holiday arrived?), we opted to go with the Leprechaun Hat Pit design. We customized it a little so it wouldn’t be exactly the same as the one featured on Disney Family Fun, and here it is…

The concept behind this trap is simple – use an empty oatmeal tin for the structure of the hat, with felt across the open top so that when the leprechaun steps on it, he falls into the tin. You’ve caught him, and he becomes obligated to reveal where he’s hidden his gold!

We reversed the shades of green and opted for a lighter colored hat with dark green and white shamrocks decorating it. We used craft foam for the sides and bottom of the hat, felt for the top, and a dark green felt ribbon to go around the hat with gold-sparkled scrapbook paper for the buckle. We then collected some sticks from outside to construct the ladder, and used kitchen twine to secure the rungs (which we also hot-glued on the backside to make sure the twine didn’t come loose). You can’t really tell from the picture, but there is a small black cauldron sitting atop the hat with gold foil crinkled up inside to look like gold.

This was a really fun, relatively easy project you and your child should be able to create in around an hour…Connor was very disappointed that he didn’t catch the leprechaun at school, so we’re going to set the trap tonight in hopes that we’ll catch him this time around!

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The Ever-Elusive Leprechaun

With St. Patrick’s Day coming next Saturday, Connor has been assigned a fun homework assignment that is due next Thursday. He has to build a leprechaun trap!

Everyone knows that if you catch a leprechaun, he has to relinquish his pot of gold. What may not be commonly known is that they are cobblers by trade, can’t resist rainbows (due to the pot of gold at the end of them) and shiny or sparkly objects, and love to break rules. I’ve been doing some research, and there are tons of ideas available to draw from, and here are some of my favorites…

From Disney Family Fun

The Leprechaun Hat Pit

The Rainbow Cage-Drop

The Tricky Trapdoor

From DotComWomen

The Popsicle-stick Trap

And finally, from Not Martha

The Leprechaun Cake Trap

I seriously hope Connor picks one of these beauties for his inspiration.

Which one is your favorite? I think mine is the Hat Trap, but that Cake Trap is looking awfully yummy…

I’ll post pictures of our creation when it’s done and let you know if we strike it rich! 🙂





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