Sunday Gratitude & Recycling #NaBloPoMo

Today, I’d like to express my gratitude for my husband. I know, I know, I gripe about him being a pain in the butt…but he really is amazing sometimes. Yesterday, while I was at the Cub Scout BALOO training, he spent all day watching the boys, and he did an awesome job – he remembered to give Connor his 4 kinds of medication, and didn’t stress out AT ALL all day (believe me – that’s a feat in and of itself with our 2 boys!). Then, when I got home, he asked if I wanted to jump into a hot shower so I could warm up – he was just AWESOME.

To help the environment today, I’m going to organize some bins in our basement for recycling. I’m not talking just your typical plastic, can, paper bins…I’m talking glass, paperboard…the works. I know it will be some work in the beginning (I’m also posting a list of what we can recycle next to our trash so we can check before tossing), but it will be worth it in the long run, and will minimize the amount of trash we personally put into incinerators and landfills.

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