30 Day Blog Challenge – #27, #28, #29 & #30

Well, I sure as hell didn’t start this challenge thinking I’d lose my Internet connection for the last 4 days of it! So here’s my last 4 posts for the 30 Day Challenge.

#27 – The Last Person Who Text-ed Me

The last text I got was from a woman who lives not too far from us about setting up a play date for our two oldest sons.


#28 – Five Things Within Touching Distance of Me

  1. My Coffee
  2. Connor
  3. Kyle
  4. My Cell Phone
  5. TV Remote


#29 – Someone’s Facebook Status I Can Always Count on to Annoy Me

Disclaimer: These people know who they are, and I seriously want to stab them in the head.

Anyone who only posts quotes – nothing real about themselves, ever. Don’t get me wrong, I love quotes as much as the next girl, but all the time? How about some originality?!


#30 – List Everything in My Purse Right Now

Okay, gotta go get it…

  1. Lots of useless receipts.
  2. Fist-full of change.
  3. $9 in paper money…wow, I have cash!
  4. Driver’s license, debit card, health insurance cards, etc.
  5. Digital camera.
  6. Best Buy gift card.
  7. Two pens.
  8. Gum that’s I-don’t-know-how old.
  9. Blue-tooth ear piece for cell phone.
  10. Eye drops for when I wear my contacts.
  11. Checkbook.
  12. Random candy.
  13. Loose cheerios.
  14. Blue-book health records for both my sons.


So – that’s my wrap-up. Hope you all enjoyed finding out so much stuff about me. 🙂

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