Giving Thanks & The Environment #NaBloPoMo

Okay, giving thanks and the environment might not seem to have much in common, but for me they do.

It is now November, and the big deal about November for me has always been Thanksgiving. I always loved helping my mother bake Kisses to bring for dessert, the long ride from Massachusetts to New Hampshire for dinner at my grandmother’s house, the whole family getting together, helping set up the rented tables and chairs, getting to go upstairs to the 3rd floor and hang out with Terry and Matt, sneaking as many Kisses as possible before dinner, the women all in the kitchen or dining room talking as they got everything ready, the smell of the turkey cooking, the men all watching football and yelling at the TV, my Auntie Fran being mooned on video for her birthday the year she wasn’t able to come – it was awesome.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I’ve got something pretty big to be thankful for.

As some of you know, Connor is home from the hospital and getting over a case of pneumonia, and Kyle has a nasty cold. Today, I am extremely thankful that Connor was able to come home from the hospital so quickly and that he’s getting better, and that Kyle didn’t develop pneumonia and that his cold is productive rather than all that nasty stuff staying in his head and chest. There was some concern with Connor about asthma, but he’s never had any symptoms of it. *more thankfulness*

Which leads me to the environment.

Connor’s brush with pneumonia got me thinking about all the things we’re studying in my current class – Man’s Dependence on the Environment. The majority of the class focuses on pollution and how much human activity has an effect on our environment, but Connor’s pneumonia made me think about how cases of asthma and respiratory problems are increasing globally and, more importantly, why they are increasing. One of the main causes of air pollution is greenhouse gasses released during the burning of fossil fuels and solid waste.

Now that I’m learning all about how much our planet is hurting and where the main sources of injury are coming from, I’m going to start doing my part by minimizing my family’s carbon footprint as much as I am able. No, I can’t trade in my gas-hog V8 pick-up just yet, but there are other things I can do and have already been doing.

And, since this is NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), I’m going to try to post 1 thing I’m thankful for and 1 way I’m changing my habits to help our environment every day.

Yesterday, I drove as little as possible by mapping the shortest route between the 3 stops I had to make so I used less gas and produced less emissions.

Today, we switched from buying regular incandescent light bulbs to buying the longer-life, energy-efficient bulbs.

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Not-so-fun Halloween

Well, we made it through Sandy pretty much unscathed, but my poor 6-year-old guy is going to miss Halloween this year – he’s in the hospital with pneumonia.

We’ve all had colds on-and-off for the past month, and yesterday, I woke up to find Connor’s breathing labored and fast, and he looked pretty pale. After all the cases of bronchiolitis we dealt with when he was little, I wasn’t going to mess around, so I took him to the ER. They’ve got him on oxygen, nebulizer steroid treatments, and broad-spectrum antibiotics, so hopefully his oxygen levels will come back up and he can come home tomorrow.

The good news is that his color is much better today, and you can tell he’s feeling at least a little better because his ears have suddenly stopped working (he always does exactly as he’s told when he doesn’t feel well) and he keeps getting out of bed to bug the nurses. Also, we’re planning a costumed, hospital-based scavenger hunt for treats when I go back in around an hour, so he won’t miss Halloween altogether. He’s not too upset about missing school for the week, either. 😉

I hope you all made it through Sandy alright, and wish you all a safe, happy Halloween!

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