Time for Another Block Party!

Hey there! It’s time for another Block Party Blog Hop over at Off the Deep End…but this time we’ve got LinkyTools (which totally rock!), so you can post the list on your blog if you’d like. This week, it’s a Facebook Likes Hop.

Here are the rules…

  1. Like Off the Deep End on Facebook
  2. Add your Facebook Fan Page link to the list
  3. Like as many blogs as you can that are linked up. (If you don’t have a Fan Page, feel free to link up your Facebook account!)
  4. If you’d like to post this list on your blog, make sure you grab the code below and link back to Off the Deep End.


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Block Party Blog Hop

We’re hosting a new Blog Hop over at Off the Deep End Today! Here are the rules…

1. Follow Off the Deep End.

2. Follow at least 3 other blogs that are linked in the linky.

3. Let the blogs you follow know that you are following them.

4. Let the owners of the blogs know that you let their blogs know that you are following them.

5. TWEET IT ALL OVER THE INTERNETS and hashtag it up using #OTDEHop.

6. LINK UP – it can be yo blog, yo twitter, yo facebook, yo pinterest, yo’ mama, etc. We’re not picky!

7. Post a comment when you’re done!


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