Mad Housewife?

I’m not really “mad” in the typical sense of the word…perturbed would be a more appropriate description.

I’m not really a “housewife” either. I don’t dedicate my entire day to keeping house, cooking, or anything like that. I’m really a work-at-home mom, trying like mad to make enough of a living so our little family can have some kind of “lifestyle”. The reason I’m trying so hard to make a living at home is that my son was in daycare for a little over a year while I worked a full-time job, and because of that, his health suffered greatly…so did his development. He was a year behind in his speech at just about the age of three. I had gotten Early Intervention involved, but one hour a week just wasn’t enough, and when he reached the age of three, their services ended. They referred us to the developmental preschool in town, and because he needed it so much, I quit my job – knowing full well we would suffer financially.

As you can imagine, being home full-time with a four-year-old boy for over a year while trying to earn a living has had certain effects on all of us. Connor is a very good kid, is doing wonderfully at preschool, and he’s fairly independent…which is good when it comes to trying to work. I do the best I can to keep up with the dishes and laundry and such (I’ve never been much for dusting and vacuuming, but I’m working on it). However…my husband is a totally different story. He’s making me nuts. I’m making me nuts. And that’s the reason for this blog. I can’t tell you how long I’ve just needed a place to unload all my ideas, thoughts – whatever – hopefully this helps me sort through the jumble that has become my mind.

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