Well, I missed my 30 Day Blog Challenge post today…it’s now midnight. That’s alright, I have a good excuse!

My new look is here…kind of. I’m still not quite happy with the color scheme as the blue looks kind of funny, and the links are difficult to see in the body text, but we’re definitely getting there.

I’m also adding a bunch of functionality to the site, as well – so keep your eyes open! Our Link Love page is going to have an area where you can upload your own image and link (if it works the way I want it to), I’m adding my LinkedIn and Google+ links in the follow us box at the bottom of the page, and there’s a bunch of other stuff I’m looking in to adding.

Please have patience with me, this stuff takes a lot of work, and I’m coding all this stuff myself (as you can imagine, having a 6mo around while you’re trying to write CSS and HTML code isn’t exactly fun! 😉 )

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