My kid really said this #2

Kindergarten is finally starting to be okay. Drop-offs are no longer a public-tantrum-causing-catastrophe, and Connor’s teacher no longer has to meet us at the front door.

I have managed to gradually get him to the point where I can stop walking about 10 feet from the front door and wave goodbye, and wish him a fun day.

Every day, I give him a hug and a kiss about 20 feet from the door, and when I stop and wave, he says “bye mamma! I’ll try to need you!”

Damn, I love that kid!

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Following Up & In the Works…

I know I haven’t posted in several days, but there’s good reason! Here’s a follow up on Kindergarten, and some awesome news about what’s coming up.

Kindergarten Follow-Up

Connor’s teacher and I have worked out a system where she meets us at the door and walks him to kindergarten, while I scoot away as discreetly as possible. I always give him his hugs and kisses before we get to the building, so he doesn’t feel like I’m not saying I love him or goodbye. So far, its working like a charm! He still gripes about not wanting to go to school while we’re on our way there, so it’s not the optimum situation yet, but at least we aren’t having any meltdowns.

Awesome News

I’ve been asked to review an educational tool aimed at finding learning problems in young children and eliminating them. The program involves a once-a-week 1 hour lesson, then the rest of the weeks’ lessons are 20 minutes long. It takes 12-18 months to complete the program, depending on how quickly you work with your child. I’ll be starting on this program on Sunday, and I can’t wait to see how Connor does. I’ll be posting about the first lesson on Sunday night, and will do follow up posts every two weeks or so. Oh – there’s one more thing…I get to give one lucky person a membership to the program valued at $600! More details on the giveaway to come.

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