No Sleep & Bread Clips #NaBloPoMo

Kyle decided to get up at the butt-crack of dawn this morning. For those of you who are fortunate enough to not understand what the “butt-crack of dawn” is, it means it was still fricking dark out.

Apparently, Kyle then decided to go into his brother’s room and wake him up, because the next thing I know, Connor is standing at the top of the stairs yelling “MAMMA!” as loud as he possibly can, with the stairwell helping him out by making it echo through the entire house. My guess is that yelling was easier than pushing the door he was standing right next to all the way open to check if I was still in bed.

Since I was still pretty much in a coma, I tried (without opening my eyes or sitting up) to get Connor to put a movie on – quickly – so that Kyle would sit and watch for a few minutes while I caught up on some much-needed shut-eye. Unfortunately, to a 6-year-old boy, remembering to close your bedroom door is akin to remembering to use a napkin rather than wipe your hands on your shirt, so Kyle made a bee-line for Connor’s room – and all the wonderful toys in there that have umpteen million pieces. I gently reminded Connor that Kyle was going to get into his room, which made him run to keep Kyle out, which of course went against Kyle’s master plan. In his defeat, Kyle began screaming toddler-profanities as loud as he could.

Yeah, I didn’t think it was going to work either, but I figured giving it a shot would at least allow me the satisfaction of knowing that I had given it my best shot. (And it will work at some point in the future, as long as I keep trying!)

Why am I thankful for any of this? Because hubs just got home, let me take a nice, hot shower, made spaghetti for dinner, and is keeping Kyle occupied! I think I owe him big-time.

Last week I started a new collection. For someone who is dead set on getting rid of stuff, a collection sounds pretty crazy, right? Well, this collection is going to make finding things easier!

I started collecting the tabs from loaves of bread and bags of rolls. Turns out, these little suckers are fantastic at labeling cables and wires! Check it out…

Yes – they do fit cords and various computer cables. And yes, they really work!

This is going to be a life-saver – we have cables and cords for plugging in various items in a large drawer of the basement, and finding the one we need isn’t going to feel like a quest for the Holy Grail anymore!

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2 Questions I Would Love to Have the Answers to…

#1 – Why is it that so many men never develop the “accident-anticipation” portion of their brains?

#2 – What on earth made my husband think our 6-year-old could keep a secret?

Last night, while horsing around with his father and younger brother, my 6-year-old stuntman smacked the back of his head on a box-shaped coffee table. To the point where he’s got a miniature of the cut he had on his chin…oh, around 6 months ago – you can see a non-gory pic here.

Any mom can tell you that facial and scalp wounds bleed a lot. You think you finally got the bleeding to stop…ooops, nope, false alarm…there’s still some more. It’s even worse if they happen to cut and smash their head at the same time – because then you get bleeding and swelling. Along with the thoughts that make every mom want to curl up into a ball…does he have a concussion, does he need stitches, should we go to the ER, is his brain swelling?

After determining that he didn’t have the symptoms of any serious head injury (along with the fact that Connor is a hopeless boo-boo-picker, and picked the glue stitches off his chin within an hour of getting them), we decided against the trip to the ER, and instead rounded up the kids and went to CVS in search of some liquid bandage and popsicles – the go-to-boo-boo-maker-betterer. If you’ve never used it (liquid bandages, that is – if you’ve never tried popsicles, you’ve led a sadly sheltered existence), this stuff is seriously awesome – it will keep dirt and germs out of a small wound, and help keep one that is bound to get re-boo-boo-ed from opening up again. (Connor has issues with not climbing under things he’s going to smack his head on.)

No popsicles at CVS, so we head over to Stop and Shop across the street. While hubby and Connor are in the store, I decide to read the box of liquid bandage. Hubby had chosen the spray variety, thinking an applicator would aggrivate Connor’s boo-boo and basically make him flip the fuck out. Well, this spray variety was aerosol. Aerosol people! Just the thought of using an aerosol spray designed to simulate skin on the back of Connor’s head (which, by the way, is covered with hair!) made me think of that time when I was a kid that I blew a huge bubble-gum bubble and got it all over my head. Basically, hell-to-the-no.

Upon their return to the truck, I inform hubby that we will be going back to CVS and exchanging the spray for one with an applicator. When I describe the mess the spray will make, he stops arguing with me.

When hubby goes into the store, Connor says…”Mama, can I tell you a secret?”

I’m thinking, oh shit – secrets are never good!

I say, “Of course you can.”

Connor: “Not until we’re in my bedroom upstairs.”

Me: “Are you sure?”

Connor: “Yes, in my bedroom upstairs.”

Me: “Okay”

We listen to music for a few minutes, and Connor decides to say “We didn’t get Hot Wheels Mama”, with a big grin on his face.

Ah-ha! The plot thickens…

So, I decide to feel around in the bag that has the popsicles, and find exactly what I expect to…a brand new Hot Wheels car.

Just a side note – for those of you who aren’t aware, Connor seems to think every day is a day for a present. This is in large part due to the fact that Daddy is constantly bringing home toys to “put away” for Christmas, but doesn’t put them away fast enough. Connor and I have many “talks” whenever we are at a store that has toys and he asks for one.

I pull the Hot Wheels out of the bag and hold it up, asking, “Isn’t this a Hot Wheels car?”

He says “Yes Mama, but please don’t put Daddy in trouble!”

To which I nearly pee myself trying not to “AWWWW!” out loud giggling like a silly little girl, and reply, “Don’t worry, that’s your Boo-Boo-Hot-Wheels, Daddy isn’t in trouble.”

I love that kid more and more every day.

P.S. The best way to tell if you need to go to the ER is if your child is talking or walking funny. The dilation of their pupils won’t be affected by a smack on the head until too long afterwards.

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