Someone send me an iPad – QUICK!

Yes, this is the university where I am studying.

Okay, I was well aware of the fact that getting a college education at 39-years-old while parenting 2 boys under 6 was going to be hard. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it would be this hard.

I get that college isn’t supposed to be easy. Its supposed to be work. A lot of work. Fine. Totally prepared for that.

I just looked at my next class’ syllabus, and I seriously think they’re trying to kill us. I really wasn’t prepared for our workload to more than double for the 2nd time.

With the amount of reading we have to do in my upcoming class, an iPad – even an old one – could be a life-saver simply because I wouldn’t be tied to a desk for so many hours a day. Unfortunately, I’ve been watching eBay all morning, and everything is out of my price range.

If anyone out there is feeling a distinct need to get the new iPad…topped with some major generosity…send your old wi-fi capable one this way!

(After seeing our schedule, I’m totally not above begging!)

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