Unintended Meanings

A few days ago, I was upstairs in Connor’s room rearranging things to make some room – I have never seen a kid’s room overflow with toys as quickly as this one. Hubby was downstairs with the boys, and all of the sudden I hear a young voice squeal, “ooouuuuch!”

Worried that my 5yo has yet again smashed his mouth against a piece of furniture and is currently bleeding all over the house, I raced down the stairs only to see my husband bending over and asking him if he’s alright. What I saw next was incredible.

Connor said, “I smashed my butt against the wall, Daddy”, and proceeded to turn around – while wiping a tear from his eye, drop his underwear to just below his bum, stick said bum out in the air…and said, “kiss my butt, Daddy!”

Oh, if he only knew how often that already happens…

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