My kid really said this #2

Kindergarten is finally starting to be okay. Drop-offs are no longer a public-tantrum-causing-catastrophe, and Connor’s teacher no longer has to meet us at the front door.

I have managed to gradually get him to the point where I can stop walking about 10 feet from the front door and wave goodbye, and wish him a fun day.

Every day, I give him a hug and a kiss about 20 feet from the door, and when I stop and wave, he says “bye mamma! I’ll try to need you!”

Damn, I love that kid!

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30 Day Blog Challenge – #17 Things that Make Me Instantly Happy

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Yay! Finally, an easy one!

  1. Seeing my boys love each other.
  2. Waking up very early and enjoying a cup of coffee while being serenaded by the birds outside.
  3. Hugs and Kisses from Connor (they have to be in that order, lol, and Kyle isn’t old enough to do that himself yet!).
  4. The look on Connor’s face when he realizes that we’re going to do something really fun.
  5. Seeing wild animals in our yard – like rabbits, foxes, even a groundhog the size of a Volkswagen! I’m dying to see one of the deer that live in this area – I know they frequent the woods behind our house.
  6. Getting an A on an assignment for school.
  7. Connor’s successes at school.
  8. Connor asking to hold, hug or kiss his brother.
  9. The look on Kyle’s face when Connor enters the room.
  10. When I finally get to cook a really nice meal, and we can all sit at the table and eat with no interruptions.
  11. When hubby surprises me with coffee and a donut from Dunkin’ Donuts.
  12. When hubby does something I asked him to but thought he forgot about.
  13. When hubby does something I didn’t ask him to do but that needed doing.
  14. A phone call from my best friend.
  15. A phone call from a friend or cousin who I haven’t heard from in a while.
  16. Receiving a compliment from my mother.
  17. Seeing all of the cousins (10 of them ranging in age from 6mo to 9yrs) playing together nicely and happily.
  18. Kyle falling asleep in my arms with his little head snuggled into my neck.
  19. Connor wanting to cuddle.
  20. Coming home after an exciting day visiting family.
  21. Snuggling in bed with the boys to read a story.
  22. Movie night when we make popcorn and set up a “fort” in the den so we can watch a movie as a family.

That’s it for now. There are a lot more things that make me happy (including good food, good music, and other stuff), but this list is already long enough!

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