What the hell is up with NSTAR??

Note to NSTAR Electric:

Please have the courtesy – especially if you are going to park your truck in my driveway for hours so I can’t go anywhere – to walk the 50ft to my door and let me know you are going to a) block my driveway and b) shut off my power.


Peeved Mom Cheryl Marble


Okay, for those of you who don’t live in the Plymouth/Carver area, NSTAR Electric has been working on our street for something like two freaking years!

Our street is more than 10 miles long and runs through three towns, and they have had men working on it with police directing traffic for THAT long. Sometimes there are as many as THREE areas we have to wait for the police to direct us around. And they’ve been bouncing all over the place with their work…to the point that I thought they were done a few times. Oh, and they’ve blocked my driveway like 1/2 dozen times.

I’ve been trying to be patient. I know they have to install new poles, then run new wiring, then switch from the old wires to the new wires and remove the old ones. However, today was the straw that broke the camel’s back. They shut off our power without so much as a knock on the door to tell me they were going to do it…WHILE they blocked my driveway. It’s not like they didn’t know they were going to cut my power…they had to have known they were going to when they set up their truck in a spot so I can’t leave the house. And it’s not like my driveway is two miles long, either. It is long, but please…a short walk to let me know power was going out should have been a given.

In this age of home computers, home theater systems, cell phones, tablets and the like…a quick power shut-off and possible power surge could have cost us a small fortune, and I’d bet money I couldn’t hold them responsible if anything was damaged.

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