An important question…

Okay, first of all, I have no idea what happened to the fonts on here…they’re acting funky, and I just don’t have time to try to figure it out, so bear with me, okay?

Secondly, a paper I’m writing for my philosophy class got me thinking about all of you, my lovely readers. Our assigned subject is assisted suicide. Not a pleasant subject, I know, but how many times have we seen stories in the paper about how a person becomes incapacitated to the point of being a vegetable and the family is left trying to figure out what the person would want them to do?

Both times I went into the hospital to give birth, I was asked if I wanted to fill out a living will. For those of you who aren’t aware, a living will is a legal document that tells your family what to do should you become incapacitated…from temporarily being unable to make decisions, to the worst case scenario – whether to keep trying to resuscitate you should you have medical emergencies. It allows you to choose someone to be in charge, saving possible bad feelings and power struggles between family members, and they HAVE to do what you say in the document. For example, I wouldn’t want my family to be subjected to the costs and stress of caring for me if I were to be incapacitated to the point of them not even being able to tell if I am even really “there”. My living will states that should this happen, I want them to allow me to die and not take extraordinary measures to keep me alive. This is far from assisted suicide, but it’s something everyone should think about, especially when there are spouses and children involved.

If you’re interested in filling out a living will because you’ve got a medical situation coming up, ask the hospital staff if you can have one. If you just want to fill one out in general, write out your wishes and have it notarized with witnesses present, and make sure you give copies to all the parties involved.

Personally, I hope I nor anyone close to me ever needs to fulfill the wishes of a living will, but I take comfort in knowing that my family won’t have to endure any undue stress or burden should the circumstances ever arise.

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The Aftermath…

Turkey DinnerWell, Thanksgiving went off without a single hitch. I had prepped all the veggies the night before, so the amount of work to be done the day of was pretty minimal…other than getting everything to come out at the same time.

Mum came over early to help me (well, more to lend me a feeling of calm – she totally stresses over this kind of stuff, but for some reason makes me more calm). We played with Kyle, did a few last minute preparations, and enjoyed each others’ company.

Lee was a tremendous help, considering that he had fallen asleep around 8pm the night before (he wasn’t feeling well, so I didn’t hold his lack of preparation against him). He re-hung the now clean curtains in the den, put away a ton of laundry, swept the pine needles out of the driveway, and helped pretty much whatever needed to be done, was a wonderfully gracious host, and was generally in a good mood – even though he had an upset stomach.

My mother-in-law, her boyfriend, and my father-in-law were all friendly and comfortable, and talkative.

My sister and her husband were ready to jump in and help when crunch-time started and were a welcome couple of pairs of extra hands. They enjoyed themselves and were funny and felt at home.

The kids were awesome. I don’t think 9mo Kyle cried twice the entire day, and Connor and my niece, although they did get a bit rambunctious throughout the day, were happy and content playing with each other, drawing pictures and having fun.

Everyone said the food was delicious – and the crustless pie heaven my friend Lauren suggested was amazing.

Then, after we’d all eaten to the point where we felt like we were about to burst, everyone pitched in to help clean up. It was awesome.

This afternoon, I got the munchies and decided to see what was left in the way of turkey and fixings…

If there is 1 lb. left of a 19 lb. turkey, I would be amazed! We only had 8 adults and 3 kids to feed!

So, tomorrow I’m going to buy and cook a small turkey so we can have leftovers for a while. 🙂

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