Dear Prospective Employer…

Open letter to hiring managers.


To Whom it May Concern,

If I have applied for a job with your company, feel free to Google me. You will find that I am the married mother of 2 beautiful young boys and have been unemployed since the end of 2008, when my 1st son fell ill. You will also see that I am an active blogger and currently a full-time student.

Don’t bother hiring me if you’re the type of company that doesn’t trust their employees and feels an intense need to look over their shoulders every five minutes. I find it quite distracting and it makes it more difficult for people like me to do our jobs.

If you feel even the slightest need to ask me for any of my social network or e-mail passwords, please throw my resume in the trash right now. It isn’t going to happen.

I work hard, and expect to be compensated for it. If you aren’t keen on rewarding innovative employees for finding better, more efficient ways of doing things, my employment with your company won’t last.

If you don’t like employing people who try to enjoy going to work every day by making others laugh and trying to get to know everyone and get along with everyone, I’m not your gal.

Laughter is the best way to make work enjoyable. I may make fun of management if someone wears a striped shirt with checked pants to work, but I also won’t hesitate to laugh and make fun of myself should I trip and end up wearing my coffee for the day. Please realize that no one likes leaving their children and going to work every day, and that people like me are trying to make the best of it  – lighten up.




P.S. If your company fits any of the scenarios above, you should be ashamed of yourselves for using a recession as an excuse to exploit your employees. They are your biggest asset, you should start treating them as if they are.

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