Stuff and Junk

When we moved into this house almost nine years ago it was virtually empty – now it’s bursting at the seams! How and why do we acquire so many things?

Some part of the problem is an inability to get rid of things no longer needed…when you don’t have much money, this can be a very frugal way to avoid having to re-purchase things needed at a later date, but there is a point at which that inability becomes unhealthy, and I believe we have reached it.

It took some major fighting, screaming and tears…but I finally got my husband (who I think has hoarding issues) to start letting me get rid of stuff we haven’t used in a long time. I’ve spent the last three months re-arranging the house, throwing things away, selling stuff on eBay, and donating stuff to the needy who can actually get some use out of it. And, when I came home from the hospital, I was shocked/amazed/thrilled to see that hubby had been listing some of his “collectibles” (toys) on eBay as well! He even took a trip to the scrap metal recycling center yesterday and got rid of some golf clubs he’s had for nearly ten years but never used.

We’ve still got some major work to do (like getting rid of a piano I got free that needs too much work – what I was thinking I’ll never know!), but at least we’ve made a start. It will also help that we aren’t going to be having any more kids, so once Kyle outgrows things I can ditch them as long as they don’t have sentimental value.

By the way…does anyone need a birdcage?

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Lee’s Surgery

Today is a day for updates, that’s for sure…

They have finally scheduled Lee’s heart surgery – and he finally elaborated on what exactly needs to be done – he has a torn tendon that works one of the valves in his heart. It’s macro-scopic surgery, which means they only make a small incision and go between his ribs, which is good. They’ve scheduled it for September 1st.

He really would rather skip this operation, as I’m sure anyone would, but he’s going through with it. I’m sure mostly for me, Connor, and baby. If it weren’t for us, I’m sure he’d have blown it off…I’m so glad he’s braving it out!

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