Five-Year-Old Boys are Just Frickin Wierd!

While sitting on the couch with hubby and our 5yo Connor across from me, I noticed Connor pulling on his ear. This, of course peaked my interest as he has had about a zillion ear infections, and we got to go through the wicked fun of having ear tube surgery.

Naturally, I asked…”Connor, why are you pulling on your ear?”

Connor: “I want to take it off.” Completely serious.

Me: “Why do you want to take it off?” Thinking oh yay, here we go again with the ear infections.

Connor: “Because I only need one.” With an enormous grin and some giggles.

Hubby: “Sorry Connor, but you need two, buddy.” Trying to sound like a normal parent, not on the verge of hysterical laughter.

Me: “Actually, he could really use four.” Completely serious – he’s five, and his listening skills seriously suck.

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