My Little Man is 7, Otherwise Known as Holy Crap, I’m Old!



Connor just turned 7 yesterday, and he had a fantastic birthday! We kept the gifts to a reasonable number this year, and included among his gifts 3 shirts (1 with Sonic, 1 with Angry Birds Star Wars, and 1 plain), an adorable Angry Birds winter hat, a few Sonic action figures, Disney Pictionary, Angry Birds Toss, and probably the coolest light saber toy I’ve EVER seen (I’d have gotten 2 of them if they weren’t $30 because I know hubs would LOVE playing outside with him on summer nights…maybe for Father’s Day). We’re working on teaching him that life is more than video games and “screams” (he doesn’t believe me that it’s pronounced “screens” yet, and the poor kid inherited my technology addiction), and that “stuff” doesn’t equal happy. He was thrilled with everything he got, even the clothes, so I’m hoping our message is getting through to him at least a little. If any of you are wondering…yes, I made the cake. I think it came out pretty cute considering I was scrambling to get it done in time so I could pick up Connor and we could go to a Cub Scouts outing! I have to make another one this weekend, so I think I’ll do a step-by-step for that one…

We’re trying VERY hard to keep the birthday parties on the down-low for years that aren’t that big a deal (1, 5, 10, etc. being the biggies, naturally), but that’s going to be pretty darn tricky seeing as how he got a small party yesterday (Connor, Kyle, hubs, me and my mother), we’re bringing him and a friend to Pump N’ Jump on Sunday with cake and ice cream after, then he gets another party at his other grandparents’ house in a couple of weeks. UGH. Oh well, at least none of them are obnoxiously expensive and he gets to see how many people love him to pieces. When he gets older and has some best friends that he can’t live without, we’ll do more in the way of parties, but for now, he’s more than happy with this arrangement.

I am SO proud of how hard Connor has worked at school this year! Not only is his behavior in class better (we’ll talk about outside of class behavior later!), but he’s no longer needing more than 1/2 the services the school was providing for him! I love getting notes home telling me he’s an excellent reader, that he’s doing well in math, or anything like that – keep up the good work babes!

Connor and his Cub Scout buddy are now Tiger Scouts! They earned their Tiger badges yesterday after attending a tour at WATD in Marshfield. It was great! They got to record their voices and hear them played back with special effects applied, and John played Connor’s favorite song – “Life is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts. They also learned about how radio stations earn money, interview people, have live bands come in and play, the works. Thanks John! (By the way…a little known fact is that WATD stands for “We’re at the Dump”! The station’s tower is at the Marshfield landfill!)

And, after the cake and ice cream were eaten and my mother went home, I realized that I’ll be 41 in less than a month. Dammit.

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You’re 6 Today!

Happy 6th Birthday, babes! I guess I’m going to have to come up with a new lovey name for you, because you sure aren’t a baby anymore.

Today you are 1 year older than the amount of time we hoped and prayed that you would arrive and truly make us a family.

It’s been a busy year for you, and you’ve grown by leaps and bounds in virtually all the ways a young man can.

Last February, you became a big brother when we welcomed Kyle into our little family. You couldn’t wait to hold him, and didn’t believe me when I told you that you were once that small too. Sure, there have been times when it’s been obvious that you’d like to have all your toys to yourself, or when you’ve been a little competitive with him for our attention, but it’s also very obvious just how much you really love Kyle. You’ve cuddled with him when he naps, showed him all your favorite toys and taught him how to roll trucks and balls, helped him learn how to walk and how to climb on the furniture, and now you’re trying to help him learn how to talk. Last night you helped me put him to bed and blew me kisses while you sat on the rug trying to be a quiet as you could.

You gave T-ball your best shot – I’m pretty sure the game is a tad slow for you, but you did great every time you went to bat! Swimming, you have found, is right up your alley. Swimming lessons are definitely on our to-do list this summer, and maybe we’ll try soccer this year, too. Summer is definitely the time of year we shine, and I’m hoping we can move to a warmer climate in the next 4 years or so.

This year, you started Kindergarten. Your teachers, Miss Mortensen and Mrs. L., love you to pieces. I get notes from them virtually every day telling me what a sweet boy you are and how often you make them smile. Now, if we could only get you to stay safely in your seat on the bus…

You are doing wonderfully learning how to read – and even sounded out and spelled “stop” all by yourself in an effort to get me to stop tickling you! You weren’t quite sure about Haunted Hallways, and wonder if ghosts are nice or mean – but you loved your Thomas the Train costume.

On Thanksgiving, you happily ate your dinner while you sat with Kelsey at the table I set up just for you two. I hope you both get along as well as Erica and I did when we were kids – you don’t see each other often, but when you do, it’s like you were playing together yesterday.

You have discovered the art of making movies – and much of the time can be found with my cell phone, directing your lego friends in their own feature films.

On Christmas, you snuck downstairs before waking Daddy and me, then came running upstairs shrieking, “look what Santa brought me!” after opening one of your presents. (Next year, please wake us before you go downstairs!) Then you patiently waited while we got up and got your brother before opening more of Santa’s goodies. You were awesome at taking turns opening your own presents and helping Kyle open his on his first Christmas. You write the best letters ever, and Mémère loved her Christmas card that you made.

You’ve brought so much joy to my world and shown me what love really means. You bring out my silly, you bring smiles when they are most needed, you make me want to be the best mom I can be, and you were my inspiration to continue my education. You’ve given me the gift of seeing the world through your eyes, and helped me experience new wonder in all things.

I want to show you all the wonders the world has to offer, and let you shine the way that only you can.

I love you!


Now lets go make that cake!

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