30 Day Blog Challenge – #6 30 Interesting Things About Me

Whew! I finally got around to designing a little logo for the 30 Day Blog Challenge. This week has been a little rough as I’m in my second class now at Ashford University, but it’s interesting and fun, and I’ve gotten all my assignments done for the week so we can enjoy visiting relatives over the weekend. Feel free to grab the code from the sidebar and join in on our blogging bandwagon! Don’t forget to Like our Fan Page on Facebook!

  1. I met my husband when I was 19. At a Halloween party. And he had a paper bag over his head!
  2. I lived in a 20′ wide x 25′ tall Native American teepee for six months when I was 18.
  3. I’m an artist who likes to attempt many different media – digital, oils, watercolors, woodcarving, cross-stitch, crochet, pen and ink, pencil, ceramics, airbrushing, you name it.
  4. I am a sign-writer – I can hand paint letters better than I can write them with a pen! (I can freehand paint script backwards and upside down on glass.)
  5. I love muscle cars. The only reasons I don’t currently drive one are because they aren’t very convenient when it comes to having two small boys, and I get way too many speeding tickets. (I once drove from Quincy Center, MA to Lynnfield, MA in 19 minutes – at 6pm.)
  6. When I was young, I did most of the repairs to my cars myself.
  7. When I lived in the teepee, I carved a bow and set of arrows, learned to tan an animal hide with tea, learned to do bead-work, learned how to make home-made beef jerky (best in the world!), and fished for my dinner every night.
  8. I am designing a mantel for our fireplace that will be hand carved.
  9. I dropped out of high school my Junior year, and this is my third time attending school after getting my GED.
  10. I have never held a job for less than 7 years.
  11. When I was 16 I started helping to teach 65 people per week how to carve wood.
  12. I learned to read when I was 2 1/2.
  13. Lobster is one of my favorite foods, but I can’t stand shrimp unless its the tiny ones in a stir-fry or something similar – must be the texture or something, go figure.
  14. In my early 20s I could down at least a pint of tequila and be sober in a couple of hours (I’m pretty sure two shots would have me bombed out of my mind now).
  15. The smell of stale beer makes me feel stabby (don’t ask).
  16. I can cook my butt off – when there are people around who actually have taste buds and like real food.
  17. Laundry is the bane of my existence. No matter how often I do laundry, or how much I do, there is always a pile of unfolded clothes in my den.
  18. I was adopted by my birth mother’s sister, and met my birth father at the age of 36.
  19. I have two moles that look like a colon on my hip. I also have a scar on my leg that looks exactly like a division sign.
  20. I have a thing for old, colored glass bottles of any shape and size, and you will find many on the windowsills throughout my house. I have an aneurism every year when we have to put in the air conditioners because my bottles get moved.
  21. I have a 3’x4′ oil painting I started around 10 years ago hanging in my office unfinished because I can’t decide what to put in the foreground, and I’m afraid I’ll screw it up.
  22. If I didn’t have so many other things to do or that I enjoy doing, I could totally become a video game junky.
  23. My first car was a 1974 Lincoln Continental. It was baby poop brown, had un-primed bondo all down the passenger side, the exhaust system was in the trunk (you know – in case I got pulled over – that way I could say it just fell off!), the rear bumper was held on with rope on one side, it had a chrome foot for a gas pedal, and it had three kill switches…one to start it, one to keep it running, and one for all the electrical stuff.
  24. I can’t wait for my 6mo to learn to talk because (sorry Kyle!) the way he squeaks sometimes gives me a headache – I love him to pieces, but constant squeaking at 6am is a bit much.
  25. I read books I love over and over until the pages are falling out.
  26. I seriously hate shopping.
  27. I learned to drive in a late model Bronco with 44″ tires.
  28. Before we moved far, far away from the rink, hubby was teaching me to dance on roller-skates.
  29. Someday I would like to have all hand carved woodwork in my house.
  30. An Indy 500 car and trailer I once lettered won all 9 prizes for looks before a race in New Hampshire.

Here’s the trailer.

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