No, it can’t be 2013 already!

I’ve been doing some soul-searching lately, and I’ve come to the conclusion that because I am so aversive to confrontation, I’ve allowed some behaviors in my home to spiral out of control. I’m done being quiet just to keep the peace. I’m done just muttering to myself and hoping to set an example by my own behavior – it doesn’t work. I’m not taking any more shit. I’ve chosen a wall, and the house rules are going to be painted directly on it.¬†Everyone will be expected to follow the house rules – no exceptions. This is my main resolution for the New Year. I’ve also chosen another wall that will be painted 1/2 with magnetic paint (yes, there IS such a thing!) and 1/2 with chalkboard paint so the kids can have fun doing what kids do. The following are a few of the areas that need work in our little family’s life…


No more keeping toys that no one plays with. I threw out two trash bags full of McDonald’s toys and other assorted junk, and that was just from the den…the boys’ rooms are next.

We finally got rid of the two thirty-or-so-year-old couches we got from a friend of hubby’s for free and replaced them with nearly new, much comfier free couches. Granted, they take up a lot of room, but there’s all that much more fun to be had on them by the boys. Kyle, especially, loves the fact that the spot where the cupholders and cubby are in one of the couches is just the right size for his little butt and makes an excellent spot for sitting next to the rest of us.

I’m done letting the fact that my husband can be a lazy shit sometimes make so much more work for me. I’m going to finish cleaning out the craft room (started earlier today) sometime in the next week or so (depending on how many times I can get another adult in the house to keep an eye on Kyle), and so help me, if he puts more junk in there, he’s going to regret it! (It seems like he’s uncomfortable if the house is organized and neat – he can be fricking uncomfortable.)

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a complete and utter candle and bric-a-brac junkie. Well, Kyle has more than helped cure me of this addiction, and my next trip down cellar, there are bunch of candles and cute little doodads that are hitting the trash.


I LOVE my technology. Unfortunately, so does everyone else in the house. Once there’s space, all laptops are going to be confined to their own room – if you want to use one, you can do it there. Should be interesting when it comes time for me to write papers for my classes and hubs has to supervise the kids.


Hubs is no longer allowed to attempt meal planning. He totally sucks at it. We end up with meat and starch or just meat. Some fruit and vegetables would be nice once in a while.


Hubs is no longer allowed to put away groceries unsupervised. He’s incapable of putting anything in the same place twice or of separating bathroom supplies to the two bathrooms. Hence the pile of paper towels, toilet paper, and plastic wrapping they came in at the bottom of our downstairs bathroom closet.


I’m posting a sign next to the door that says “Check attitude here”. I’m tired of bad attitudes in our home. And wording that reflects negativity, even if it’s meant as a joke. Negativity does nothing but hold us back.

I dropped Connor off at school a while ago for the first time in two weeks, and as much as I thought I would relish the relative quiet in the house, I miss the shit out of him already.

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