A Busy Few Months

Hello all!

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted…Lee’s surgery went very well, and he’s healing up just fine. He was home for seven weeks, so life’s was very interesting around here for a while, LOL. We’re still trying to repay his employer for covering the cost of our health insurance for those seven weeks – two more weeks to go and that will be payed back (thank God!), then we can try to get back to a normal life – until the baby comes!

Speaking of the baby, here’s the most recent ultrasound…


I’ll tell ya something too – this kid is so active I’m wondering if he ever sleeps and how much bigger he is than Connor – I wasn’t anywhere near as big as I am now when I was pregnant with Connor, and this baby is active virtually all day long!  Yes, it’s a boy…and no, we haven’t thought of any names yet – and we’re open for suggestions. If you have any, please send them to cheryl@coffeewithcheryl.com.

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