Damned Dinosaurs!

Dear Subconscious,

Please stop fucking with me.




Have you ever had a dream, then woken up completely pissed off at your husband?

Yep, I thought so. Happened to me last night.

I dreamed that we were living in an area that had a curious mix of farmland and rolling hills. A small, but spread out town, where everyone knew each other, and most people got along well. Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it?

Yeah. Until a fucking dinosaur shows up and starts killing people and smashing people’s houses to hell. Then, you go to run away in your handy-dandy 4×4 V8 pickup truck, only to find out that your husband traded it for some lame-ass RV thing because he wanted to go on a long family trip.

Fun stuff, huh?

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Jaws Revisited?

Apparently several Massachusetts beaches have been closed due to sightings of Great White sharks as little as 240 feet from the beach.

With the Encore channel featuring all four “Jaws” movies this month, you’d think people running the towns where sharks have been sighted would take the behavior of the town officials in the first movie as a lesson…not so.

Fairhaven seems to think merely posting signs about the shark sightings is enough of a warning – the beaches remain open to swimming – my only hope is that no one gets hurt.

See the story at thebostonchannel.com.

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