Successful, Non-messy Easter Eggs

I know, I totally took the easy way out of which of my Easter Pinterest Picks I tried. Hey, I’m a full-time student with 2 full-time sons – that doesn’t make for much down time!

So here they are…the results of our family Easter egg coloring with crayons!

Mental note - buy WHITE eggs next year.

Yes, I HAD to make one like the rainbow one on Pinterest! It was just too pretty not to. Surprisingly, hubby even got in on the coloring action – he made the Charlie Brown egg! Connor made the four Angry Bird eggs, and dropped the one that looks like the pig…so he made me scotch tape it ;-).

The eggs were super-easy to color, and weren’t difficult to hold without breaking. I was actually surprised at how much fun we had…we’ll likely never go through the hassle that is “dyeing” eggs again (with super-young kids, anyways) thanks to crayons! When the boys are older, maybe we’ll try using some melted crayons and regular dye to make special effects…

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My Pinterest Picks – Easter is here!

Since Easter is next weekend, this week’s picks are, naturally, Easter themed. There were so many cute ideas for coloring eggs, decorating, and creative snacks that I think I may have broken Pinterest! 😉

I seriously can’t wait to try some of these out!

Chocolate-filled Eggs

These are awesome! I think I would have flipped out if I got “real” chocolate eggs on Easter when I was a kid!

Crayon-colored Eggs

OMG. So simple and completely mess-free!

Eggshell Geodes

For kids who love experimenting and science – Connor will LOVE these!

Cinnamon Bunny Rolls

I’m beginning to think I may have been hungry when I started writing this post…don’t these look delish? You all know how I LOVE anything with cinnamon.

Jello Deviled Eggs

What an awesome way to make a kid snack look grown-up!

Cookie Easter Basket Cups

How adorable can you get with these cookie egg baskets? Seriously…these are adorable, look yummy, and don’t have anything to throw away!

Realistically, I’ll probably only have time to make one of these before Easter, so if you guys try any of them out, please let me know in the comments!

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