30 Day Blog Challenge – #27, #28, #29 & #30

Well, I sure as hell didn’t start this challenge thinking I’d lose my Internet connection for the last 4 days of it! So here’s my last 4 posts for the 30 Day Challenge.

#27 – The Last Person Who Text-ed Me

The last text I got was from a woman who lives not too far from us about setting up a play date for our two oldest sons.


#28 – Five Things Within Touching Distance of Me

  1. My Coffee
  2. Connor
  3. Kyle
  4. My Cell Phone
  5. TV Remote


#29 – Someone’s Facebook Status I Can Always Count on to Annoy Me

Disclaimer: These people know who they are, and I seriously want to stab them in the head.

Anyone who only posts quotes – nothing real about themselves, ever. Don’t get me wrong, I love quotes as much as the next girl, but all the time? How about some originality?!


#30 – List Everything in My Purse Right Now

Okay, gotta go get it…

  1. Lots of useless receipts.
  2. Fist-full of change.
  3. $9 in paper money…wow, I have cash!
  4. Driver’s license, debit card, health insurance cards, etc.
  5. Digital camera.
  6. Best Buy gift card.
  7. Two pens.
  8. Gum that’s I-don’t-know-how old.
  9. Blue-tooth ear piece for cell phone.
  10. Eye drops for when I wear my contacts.
  11. Checkbook.
  12. Random candy.
  13. Loose cheerios.
  14. Blue-book health records for both my sons.


So – that’s my wrap-up. Hope you all enjoyed finding out so much stuff about me. 🙂

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30 Day Blog Challenge – #26 My First Celebrity Crush

Join bloggers Sam, Alice, my friend Leann and me on a 30 Day Blog Challenge!

Have you guys noticed that my intro for these 30 Day Blog Challenge posts keeps getting shorter? This was fun, but I seriously doubt I’ll ever do one again! Maybe a 7 day, or even a 10 day, but not a month long ever again! I suppose it did serve it’s purpose though. I did get in the habit of posting more often, and you guys got to know all the weird shit more about me.

My first real celebrity crush was Rob Lowe. I was totally infatuated by his charm and good looks during the 80s, when he made movies like The Outsiders, St. Elmo’s Fire, and Oxford Blues. Seriously…doesn’t he just make you drool?

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