Zombie Apocalypse, Milk Jugs & Day What? #NaBloPoMo

One of the drawbacks to me being overwhelmingly busy constantly re-organizing our home after the 3 males living here trash it is that I never know what day of the week it is. EVER. Especially when the week is short because someone was home sick, then it was election day. And next week is short too because of Veteran’s Day, so I’ll more than likely think it’s Tuesday on Sunday. *sigh*

We are also dealing with a toddler version of the zombie apocalypse at our house. Kyle has figured out not only how to climb out of his crib in 2 seconds flat, forcing us to replace his crib with a big-boy bed, but he’s also manage to climb over every gate in the house – including the extra-tall one I put in the doorway hoping to keep him in his room and safe when he wakes up at 3am rather than trashing Connor’s room and waking everyone in the house. Needless to say, there is lots of excess baggage around the eyes of those living with the dreaded toddler-zombie.

Yesterday, I was thankful that my mom has such a good sense of humor and that we can make each other laugh about stuff that would normally push us over the edge (thanks Mum!).

Today I’m ever-so-grateful that Kyle is the kind of kid who will see you doing something a particular way a few times (like getting ready to bring Connor to the bus), then insist on that action being done exactly the same way for the rest of eternity. Yes, I’m totally serious! He knows how to help us empty the dishwasher (although he does want to put away dirty dishes quite often), he knows how to load the dryer (again, sometimes it’s not clean laundry he wants to load), and going out is easier than ever as he knows we have to put on his coat and that he needs to go onto the porch for me to pick him up and put him in the truck (even though he does sometimes make a dash for the sandbox). It makes life SO much easier now that he’s cooperative and wants to help!

My “Going Green” mission today is to save as many milk jugs as I can to organize Connor’s crayons, colored pencils, and craft supplies. I figure I could save about an acre’s worth of jugs from making it into landfills just with this project alone! I got the idea from one of my fave websites…Pinterest! Check it out…

Yesterday, we saved a ton of food from going in the garbage by eating the leftovers of our “camp-out stew”. Seriously – it’s so easy to make and is delicious! The best part is that it gets young kids active in preparing their dinner, and they have control over what they have to eat (to a point, lol). I’ll be posting the recipe after this weekend…I’m going to another Cub Scout Leadership training tomorrow. 🙂 Thankfully, this one is indoors and is only 4 hours, but probably won’t be as fun as the last one.

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My Kid’s First Rant = Parenting Fail

Oh yes, you read the title right. His first rant. Ever. He’s 5-years-old. And it’s totally my fault.

Yesterday, my mother came over to visit so I could go to an appointment. At one point, Connor wanted to go get something, but as I already had one in the room, I called to him to stop. He kept going. And going. Even though I called him repeatedly. This is been an area of contention for us, as he definitely knows better. He just seems to backtrack every now and then since his little brother was born. He’s re-testing his boundaries.

I gave him a warning, which he proceeded to ignore, so I went to him and said, “I think you need a time out buddy. Mamma called you several times and you still didn’t come when you were called.”

Naturally there was much protesting, and he tried (unsuccessfully) to avoid sitting at the bottom of the steps like he’s supposed to. First, he tried around the corner from where we were so we simply couldn’t see him. Next it was on the bench around the corner from the stairs. Finally, he tried climbing the outside of the steps – anything to avoid sitting where he knew he should be. I was so not loving the situation. This is a kid who used to sit in a timeout in the middle of a family gathering because he knew he was supposed to stay there, and now he’s pulling this on me?

I finally made it clear to him that if he didn’t sit in the timeout on the stairs like he’s supposed to, that he would have to start his timeout all over, and rejoined my mother in the den with the baby.

Suddenly, we hear from the foot of the stairs…

“I just want to stay with my mamma! I don’t want to go to school because it’s boring! Why can’t I stay in the den with mamma?”

“I don’t like timeouts! I want to play with my Legos!”

“I hate school!”

“I don’t want turkey for dinner! I want a hot dog or cold chicken!” (cold chicken is kid-speak for frozen chicken)

On and on he went.

“It’s not fair!” (OMG, I hate that one!)

My mother and I were doing our absolute best not to pee ourselves and not to let him know that we were trying not to laugh.

After he was done with his timeout, we all went into the kitchen to have some amazing butternut squash based coffee cake and chit chat. We were talking about how my sister used to pull this same kind of crap, how her daughter is now doing it to her, and how I never did.

Wait…what? In thinking about our conversation this morning, I realized that I really didn’t do that as a kid. So why the hell is mine doing it now?

I have never been good about hiding my feelings. You can read them on my face as if I have them tattooed across my forehead. But, I am always aware of this, and turn my face away from the boys if I’m steaming mad at hubby or if mum said something that made me upset.

Then it dawned on me. He was emulating a horrible habit I picked up from hubby. If I’m looking for something and can’t find it…I ask the “air” why it can’t put things back where they belong. Or why it can’t empty the trash. UGH. And this is a habit I seriously hate of my husband’s. I have no idea when I picked it up, but it is stopping right now.

* Sorry the pic isn’t Connor – I don’t have any of him in that teary, angry moment.

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