My Little Man is 7, Otherwise Known as Holy Crap, I’m Old!



Connor just turned 7 yesterday, and he had a fantastic birthday! We kept the gifts to a reasonable number this year, and included among his gifts 3 shirts (1 with Sonic, 1 with Angry Birds Star Wars, and 1 plain), an adorable Angry Birds winter hat, a few Sonic action figures, Disney Pictionary, Angry Birds Toss, and probably the coolest light saber toy I’ve EVER seen (I’d have gotten 2 of them if they weren’t $30 because I know hubs would LOVE playing outside with him on summer nights…maybe for Father’s Day). We’re working on teaching him that life is more than video games and “screams” (he doesn’t believe me that it’s pronounced “screens” yet, and the poor kid inherited my technology addiction), and that “stuff” doesn’t equal happy. He was thrilled with everything he got, even the clothes, so I’m hoping our message is getting through to him at least a little. If any of you are wondering…yes, I made the cake. I think it came out pretty cute considering I was scrambling to get it done in time so I could pick up Connor and we could go to a Cub Scouts outing! I have to make another one this weekend, so I think I’ll do a step-by-step for that one…

We’re trying VERY hard to keep the birthday parties on the down-low for years that aren’t that big a deal (1, 5, 10, etc. being the biggies, naturally), but that’s going to be pretty darn tricky seeing as how he got a small party yesterday (Connor, Kyle, hubs, me and my mother), we’re bringing him and a friend to Pump N’ Jump on Sunday with cake and ice cream after, then he gets another party at his other grandparents’ house in a couple of weeks. UGH. Oh well, at least none of them are obnoxiously expensive and he gets to see how many people love him to pieces. When he gets older and has some best friends that he can’t live without, we’ll do more in the way of parties, but for now, he’s more than happy with this arrangement.

I am SO proud of how hard Connor has worked at school this year! Not only is his behavior in class better (we’ll talk about outside of class behavior later!), but he’s no longer needing more than 1/2 the services the school was providing for him! I love getting notes home telling me he’s an excellent reader, that he’s doing well in math, or anything like that – keep up the good work babes!

Connor and his Cub Scout buddy are now Tiger Scouts! They earned their Tiger badges yesterday after attending a tour at WATD in Marshfield. It was great! They got to record their voices and hear them played back with special effects applied, and John played Connor’s favorite song – “Life is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts. They also learned about how radio stations earn money, interview people, have live bands come in and play, the works. Thanks John! (By the way…a little known fact is that WATD stands for “We’re at the Dump”! The station’s tower is at the Marshfield landfill!)

And, after the cake and ice cream were eaten and my mother went home, I realized that I’ll be 41 in less than a month. Dammit.

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Spring Cleaning

So, I’ve been busy the past two weeks taking care of my father-in-law, cleaning up after sick people when we all came down with Norovirus, and studying ethics. Fun stuff, lol. Just for the record…Norovirus seriously sucks, involves much vomiting (from both ends!), and makes you feel like it’s never going to end – however, it only lasts three days, so there is a good side to it.

Now that my father-in-law has gone home (wow, it sure is a big difference having one less person to feed, help dress, etc. in the morning!) and none of us is sick anymore, I’m going to be doing some serious spring cleaning. My house has been taken over by my 3 boys – hubby, Kyle and Connor. There are toys all over the house, and my office/craft room looks like a bomb went off because my husband apparently has to have a room to use as a dumping ground. No, I’m not kidding. Or exaggerating. He has issues with getting rid of junk…

Seriously? I had this room just about ready to set up for my 6-year-old and me to do crafts in – see the swinging lamp in the corner? There are two tables set up there as workspace! We sell a lot of things on eBay, but apparently breaking up boxes is too difficult? And baby gates that aren’t in use? I have a spot for them in the cellar, but he’s junked that up so much that you can’t put anything else in there either. Yes, I live with a fricking pig. Funny thing though – if the mess interferes with his daily routine, he’ll be the first one to bitch.

And now – because hubby is so helpful with teaching our sons to clean up after themselves, my den looks like this within an hour of my cleaning it up…

Long story short, enough is enough. I’m done living in a house with rooms we can’t use because we have too much junk. Which means I’m going to have to recruit my mother to help get rid of stuff. Hubby will actually pull toys out of the trash because he thinks there’s some use for them even though the boys only touch it once every 6 months, and now that he’s driving my truck, I don’t have much say in the matter. It’s time to call in reinforcements! In case you didn’t know, this is my mom…

She’s great – and a totally amazing artist! You can see her stuff at She makes me crazy sometimes, but I honestly don’t know how I would stay sane without her. (If you have a mom like this, make sure you let her know you love her and thank her every chance you get!)

My spring cleaning plans are going to be started this week, while Connor is at school. But…my spring cleaning doesn’t just involve my house…it also involves my computer and interwebs spaces. Which means not only am I going to clean up my laptop’s hard drives, but I’m going to work in earnest on setting up my design site, and Coffee with Cheryl is going to see a major design update!

Stay tuned…I’ll keep you guys up to date on how hubby handles me becoming a Drill Sargent and let you know what kind of progress I make!

Oh, and that stuff we sell on eBay? Right now we’re selling a bunch of baby stuff…check it out! High Chair, Cradle Swing, Jumperoo, Activity Center & Walker

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