Weathering the Storm

Well, we survived the hurricane. It was pretty much as expected for me (I’ve lived in Massachusetts my entire life), but there were some gusts that got really scary. My biggest fear was that some of the enormous pine trees around us would fall on our house.

The only real damage we had was two new dents and a broken windshield on my husband’s truck. Other families weren’t so lucky…

We lost power early Sunday afternoon, but it was restored by 2:30 Monday morning. (I have a feeling the only reason we got it back so quickly is because there’s a transfer station for the electric company right down the street!) However, cable, internet and telephone were a whole different story. We got those back (after many deceptions on the part of Comcast) around 1:30pm Wednesday. Again…we were lucky.

My mother got power back late Tuesday evening. My sister didn’t get power back until late Wednesday night.

Ashford U. is being awesome about letting those of us affected catch up, so I’m off to try to catch up on this week’s assignments. I’ll be back by tomorrow to wrap up my 30 day challenge!

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  1. Glad to hear you were okay. Most of my friends did well too, except for electricity. I had friends who were out for more than a week.