30 Day Blog Challenge – #20, #21 & #22

Join bloggers Sam, Alice, my friend Leann and me on a 30 Day Blog Challenge! You can grab the link and image code from the footer. 🙂

#20 – How Important I Think Education Is

Well, seeing as I’m spending $50,000 to get a bachelor’s degree, I’d better think it’s pretty darn important!

All kidding aside, it can mean the difference between struggling to get by or living comfortably, so yes, it’s very important. I only hope my enthusiasm for being a student and my love of learning rub off on my two boys.

#21 – One of My Favorite Shows

Well, show could mean Television show, or it could mean a concert, a play…it could mean any number of things. Since I don’t watch much television (other than kids programming or movies), I’m going to have to say my favorite “show” was the R-Rated Hypnotist. It’s a live comedy show I saw with my husband and a bunch of our friends several years ago, and I tell you I have never laughed so hard in my life. Seriously – this went way beyond tears or snorting. I had a belly ache for an entire day from laughing so hard!

#22 – The Last Movie I Saw in Theatres

That’s easy. Anyone with a son around the age of 5 can probably guess. Cars 2. It was really cute, and catered to an adult’s sense of plot – similar to a James Bond movie. There were a couple of spots I thought were a little long, but Connor absolutely loved it.

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