My Son, the Angel

Every now and then, my son completely amazes me. Before I tell you why, here’s a rundown of the past week or so.

Okay, I’ll admit it…my first pregnancy was an absolute breeze. I didn’t find out I was pregnant until I was 18 weeks already (yes – you can still get your period if you’re pregnant!), I had no morning sickness at all, my breasts didn’t hurt, and I felt wonderful. The worst things I remember are getting super-constipated if I ate bananas (so I avoided them) and major swelling of the ankles in my last trimester.

So what the hell is happening now??? Since about mid last week, I have consistently felt like I’m on the verge of a huge puke-fest, I’ve been a little dizzy, and slightly head-achy. Oh, and a new development this morning…apparently the smell of coffee grounds gives me the dry heaves.

Well, after producing nothing in my “virtual” vomit fest this morning, I lay down on the couch, and Connor came over to me, saw I wasn’t feeling well, and tucked me in with his favorite blankie, gave me hugs and kisses, and rested his head on my now-slightly-protruding belly. The moment brought tears to my eyes.

Last night, as we were watching Ice Age – Connor asked what the baby’s name was. I asked him back, which baby – the one on TV, or the one in mama’s belly? He said the one on TV. I told him I didn’t know, then he proceeded to see if he could “see” the baby in my belly. He declared that he could, and that it was a super baby, then gave my belly a kiss and told the baby “I love you”.

Like I said…he’s an angel!

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