30 Day Blog Challenge – #11 Put Your iPod on Shuffle and List the Top 10 Songs

Feel free to join our 30 Day Blogging Challenge, hosted by bloggers Sam, Alice, my friend Leann and myself. Just make sure you grab the code in the footer!

Well, since I’m still in the dark ages when it comes to music (I won’t get an iPod until my son understands that he isn’t allowed to steal all Mamma’s technology toys!), I’m just going to pull up iTunes and do it.

  1. Wonderwall – Oasis
  2. The Old Apartment – Bare Naked Ladies
  3. Piano Man – Billy Joel
  4. American Pie – Don McLean
  5. Night Fever – The Bee Gees
  6. China Grove – The Doobie Brothers
  7. Vasoline – Stone Temple Pilots
  8. I Miss You – Blink 182
  9. Kodachrome – Paul Simon
  10. Don’t Let Me Get Me – Pink

I have some ridiculous amount of music – in the neighborhood of 35 gig worth, and I still haven’t imported all my CDs yet. That’s a project I work on whenever I remember I have to do it, lol.

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