Mama Gets Stuck

With a baby on the way, one of the many steps to that happy day is getting blood drawn. Hubby had Friday off for a doctor’s appointment, but it ran so late the lab was closed, so that left Saturday – and me bringing Connor (4 1/2 years old) with me to the lab.

Thankfully, the hospital we go to is in a very rural area, and is a low, sprawling building with very nice landscaping rather than a huge brick scary place. It’s got a rather pleasant atmosphere both outside and inside, so the only problem upon our arrival at the hospital was actually finding the lab. It being Saturday, both information desks we found were completely deserted, so I just looked for a random hospital worker to give me directions. Naturally, I parked at the wrong end of the building, but Connor was as good as gold during our long walk.

After filling out the necessary paperwork and having me sit in that torturous looking blood draw chair, I started to entertain Connor (and thus keep him from touching anything dangerous) by putting a tissue on my face and blowing air into it to make it fly – the lab worker made it perfectly clear that he had kids of his own by laughing out loud. I told Connor not to watch the scary part as the lab technician stuck the needle in my arm, then said he could come watch my blood go into the tubes. The lab tech even made a game out of it. Connor’s job was to count how many tubes were left to be filled. He took nine vials – I still can’t figure out why they needed that many. When he was done and took the needle out, he showed it to Connor before he threw it away. Connor was so good I announced that we were going for ice cream. I took him to a historical mill with a working water wheel that has an ice cream parlor next door, and when we were done eating, we went for a very pleasant walk along the river.

Once again, my mother was absolutely right…my attitude that getting blood drawn wasn’t a big deal ensured that it would not be traumatic to Connor, and we had a very pleasant, fun afternoon!

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  1. Sally Vollenweider says:

    OK. Your Connor is a brave, brave boy. If I take my dog or cats for shots/blood draws etc, I cannot look or I hit the ground in a dead faint. Even if I try an attitude adjustment on myself first, I’m still out cold!!! Guess I don’t get any ice cream!!!!!