30 Day Blog Challenge – #7 What I Wear to Bed

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First off, let me just say that men are like frickin’ Eskimos. All the males in my house – hubby, my 5yo and my 6mo – would sleep without a stitch if they could, even if there was a blizzard coming down on their beds! Try as I might, covering up the boys doesn’t help, they just kick the covers off before I even have a chance to get back in bed.

I don’t know why, but my body temperature seems to drop the second I drift off to sleep, so for me to be comfortable, I have to achieve a very careful balance between room temperature, clothing, and the quantity and type of blankets I have on the bed. If the room is too cold, I could have a dozen blankets, a sleeping bag, and a heater stuffed in near my feet, and I’ll still freeze. Too warm – and I can’t fall asleep to save my life, and spend the entire night trying to change my position to find a cool spot on the sheets.

Okay, here’s what I wear to bed. In the summer, we set the AC in our room to 71 (I know, that’s kind of warm, but any air movement contributes to me turning into an ice-cube). I wear a t-shirt and shorts, and have a sheet and quilt on the bed (that hubby constantly kicks off so it feels like it’s going to drag me off the bed any second). In the winter, I set the thermostat to 68 or 69, wear full-blown pajamas, and have sheets, quilt and a blanket on the bed. All of which hubby kicks off. Any variation with any of the above combinations, and I won’t sleep a wink.

All I can say is that it’s a good thing I got used to his kicking battles (I once took an elbow in the eye because while he’s sleeping, he acts as if the blankets are trying to kill him!) with the covers a long time ago, because he doesn’t wake me up anymore (usually), and I can’t seem to get enough sleep as it is!

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  1. I wear shorts and a t-shirt in the summer and flannel pants and a t-shirt in the winter. I like Leann’s suggestion about double blankets. My husband kicks them off and then accuses me of stealing them.

  2. Mary Bearden says:

    Hi! Stopping by from the Sunday Social Blog Hop and I am a new follower of your blog thru RSS, Facebook and Twitter. I would love a follow back also especially on Facebook when you get a chance. I can tell you one thing, I bet my husband wishes I was as cold as you! He says I freeze him to death. I stay so hot it is crazy! Right now I am dripping wet I feel so hot and he has on sweatpants! He says the temp is set at 69 on the air but it feels like 80 in here! Wouldn’t it be nice if we were all on the same wavelength? Have a great week!


  3. Leann Baldwin says:

    Here is a suggestion. Part of the discussion before we got married is that I have my own blanket at night. I do not share blankets well and did not want to deal with the kicking war. So, the hubby has his blankets which he can do with as he pleases at night, and I have mine!