Bats in the Night

I haven’t been getting good rest in what seems like a millennium. It seems like no matter how much sleep I get, I’m consistently overtired and head-achy.

Last night, I was determined to get a good night of rest. I took Connor with me (who by the way has been doing an excellent job sleeping in his own room, and is just about done with potty training! He’s been fighting me on potty training for about two years, so we’ve been going commando for about two weeks now, and he’s doing great), put on one of his movies, and curled up in bed with him at around 7:30. I still had to take my prenatal vitamins, which takes some time…there are nine – yes NINE – pills to take, so I read my book for about an hour and space them out, then go to sleep.

I fell asleep about 9pm, which was wonderful – I was looking forward to a long, restful night’s sleep. Connor woke me up at around 1am wanting milk – which he didn’t get – and I just couldn’t get back to sleep. I got a cold drink, picked up my book and book-light, and read for around an hour and a half. Immediately after I turned off the book-light and put my book down, a freaking bat flew into the room!

Okay, woke up Lee – whose ducking and dodging was hysterical – which in turn, woke up Connor. Connor was awake long enough to realize what was going on and ask us if we’d caught it yet, then fell right back asleep again. Meanwhile, Lee and I are dodging-ducking-squealing (the squealing was primarily me) and trying to trap this bat in one room upstairs so we can catch it, when it occurred to me that the only things we’re missing are the helmets and body armor and we’d look just like John Candy and Dan Akroyd in “The Great Outdoors”! Lee trapped the bat in Connor’s room and caught it with a sheet – and was bringing it downstairs to put it outside – when the dang thing got loose again. Our house has an open floor plan on the first floor, so there was no keeping it to one room once it escaped.

This entire time, I’m giggling like a schoolgirl thinking about Dan Akroyd and John Candy – when I suddenly realized the bat could bump into my head and get tangled in my hair – which put images of me running face-first into a wall and knocking myself out into my head! It was all I could do to keep from having a bathroom accident and still be a help to Lee.

Lee finally grabbed the broom I had been using to swat the curtains and try to scare the little beastie out of hiding, and he smacked it so hard he broke the broom. We both regretted the little things painful death, but we had to get it out of the house, and it didn’t cooperate by escaping.

By the time all was said and done, we were both in hysterics – imagining Lee taking pictures of me as I ran around the house with a bat in my hair – one as I’m running, one as I hit the wall, and one of him trying to help, but unable to because he’s laughing so hard…it was a fun adventure. I finally got back to sleep around 3:30, and didn’t wake until 9am, so I did manage to get my desperately needed good nights rest – even with “The Adventures of Batman”.

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