What the Hell – It’s Thursday?!

Okay, I totally forgot to post my What the Hell Wednesday this week, so here it is. WTH!

My hubby often volunteers to do food shopping on his way home to save me the pain in my hip (strained sacroiliac joint and subsequent frozen muscles). Whenever he does this, my first thought is…”this is awesome, now I don’t have to re-strain my hip dragging the kids to the store!” Ya,riiiiiight. For some reason, it doesn’t occur to this man to buy real food. You know, like meat, fruits, and veggies? What. The. Hell?! I swear if I left all the food shopping to him we’d all live off of frozen dinners, cereal, pancakes, and grilled cheeses.

My 6mo suddenly won’t go to sleep without a crying/screaming/arching back fit. WTH?! I know he’s not gassy, as he’s already burped/farted/pooped. He used to go to bed so easily! Maybe his timing is off lately? That must be it…I’m going to adjust his nap times and see if that helps.

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