30 Day Blog Challenge – #1 Three Things That Irritate Me About People

Okay, this is hard. I have to pick only three?!

  1. I hate how people can be self-centered and careless about their behavior. Especially littering and how they handle their trash. We live in a very rural area, away from all the hustle and bustle of the city for a reason. We love the quiet, we love the smell of the trees in the air every spring, and we love how clean everything looks – holy shit…did someone just dump their McDonald’s bag in my front yard?! I would love to post a sign near my mailbox that says “I don’t come to your house and take a giant shit in your yard, so please don’t throw your trash in mine!”.
  2. It makes me feel stabby when someone is walking in front of you, or you stop to let someone cross the street, or you’re stopped at a stop light behind someone, and they purposely slow down or pretend you aren’t there. I’m not a “rush-around-like-a-lunatic” person, but I do have things to do, and sometimes that thing is to get a freaking-out infant home for a nap. I understand that sometimes – especially in this crazy, out-of-control world we live in – that’s the only way you can feel in control of your life. Please people, have some consideration for others. I promise you will feel good afterwards.
  3. These guys are at the top of my “I want to kill you” list. The people who move from the city to the suburbs or country and are then determined to make the suburbs and country exactly like the city they’ve moved from. My mother and I are both dealing with shitheads like this right now. We both had houses with lots of trees around them, with some much appreciated privacy. Then these suckos bought the houses next to us and bulldozed whatever privacy greenery was in between the houses so we get to look at their collection of outdoor sofas, basketball hoops that never get used, crap-filled sheds, and front end loaders. Yes, the guy who lives next to my mother has a frickin’ front end loader in his back yard. They all should have bought houses with either no neighbors, or much more land to dump all their crap on. Leave some privacy for your neighbors! There’s a reason they say good fences make good neighbors, and some of us prefer natural fences!

Wow…amazingly enough, I feel better after that rant! I guess the thing that makes me most crazy is how people seldom think about how their actions affect anyone else.

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  1. Corinne says:

    that would make me so mad, if some asshat came in and ruined my yard.

    People throw garbage in my yard too…grrrr.

  2. Sometimes a little rant can make you feel much better :). We live in a small rural town and we actually do an annual garbage pick up day.