30 Day Blog Challenge

I’ve decided to join bloggers Sam, Alice, and my friend Leann on a 30 Day Blog Challenge in an effort to make regular blog posting a habit for me (we all know I could forget my own name – oh wait, it isn’t Mamma?). I’m hoping I last the full 30 days, but we’ll see, lol.

Here’s the list…

  1. Three things that irritate you about people.
  2. Where you’d like to be in 10 years.
  3. Weird things you do when you’re alone.
  4. Your views on religion.
  5. Your three favorite books and why.
  6. Write 30 interesting facts about yourself.
  7. What you wear to bed.
  8. A show you thought you wouldn’t like, but you did.
  9. Tattoos. If you have one, post it and it’s story. If not, what do you want?
  10. Write 5 messages to 5 different people without using names.
  11. Put your iPod on shuffle and write 10 songs that pop up.
  12. Bullet your whole day.
  13. Somewhere you’d like to move or visit.
  14. Your earliest memory.
  15. Your favorite blogs.
  16. Talk about your family.
  17. Things that make you instantly happy.
  18. Name the thing you are scared of most.
  19. Your favorite music.
  20. How important you think education is.
  21. One of your favorite shows.
  22. The last movie you saw in theatres.
  23. Give pictures of five guys who are famous who you find attractive.
  24. Your favorite movie and what it’s about.
  25. Talk about your siblings.
  26. Your first celebrity crush.
  27. The last person who texted you.
  28. Five things within touching distance of you right now.
  29. Someone’s Facebook status you can always count on to annoy you.
  30. List everything in your purse right now.

I’ll be starting the challenge tomorrow, and hope it’s as fun as it seems like it’s going to be!

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  1. Dee Ann Rice says:


    This sound like fun. I may have to do this on one of my blogs.

    I will be back in a bit to start.

    Great Idea.

    Dee Ann Rice

  2. Cathy Kennedy says:

    I just came from Mom on Caffeine (Martha) and she’s doing this to, only she has this cute little blog button in her post. Are y’all participating in the same one? Well…I may have to get in on the action, too. I mean, I started my own and while back, but got side tracked and NEVER finished it. *sigh* I guess I should try it again. Oh well…keep the rebellion going!

    Check it out….
    Daughter’s Job Loss to Iced Lemon Cookies – RTT

    Your friend,
    Cathy Kennedy, Children’s Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

    • Cheryl says:

      Actually, I think hers is different, as it starts off with her fave song. I can’t wait to check out both of your blogs though! I subscribe to a ton via Google Reader, so it’s easy to follow a few dozen and not fall behind. Like the cute button she has, too – I may have to make one ;-).

  3. KJ says:

    Cannot wait to hear some of these! I’d join you, but I will be on a no-Internet vacation for a week mid-August. I’ll be lucky to blog at all (lookin’ for flickr and email posts!