Water and Wood definitely don’t mix

Connor had just gotten through thoroughly enjoying an extra-long bath this morning – Mamma actually had her stuff together and on time today, lol – when Mamma made him get out and come downstairs to get dressed/fed/teeth brushed and ready for school.

Apparently Mamma didn’t dry his feet quite enough, because this was the result of him turning the corner to the right onto the wood floor Daddy recently put in instead of turning left onto carpet:

Five words – Thank God For Skin Glue!

Thankfully, I learned early on not to lose it when Connor gets sick/hurt, so by the time we left the house (about ten minutes after he fell – not a single one of the three of us was completely dressed) he wasn’t even crying anymore, and I had put a sterile gauze pad on his wound to hold it closed as well as I could.

When we got to the ER, he was his usual charming and cute self, telling everyone that he had a “crack” in his chin, lol. We left the house and got back home in less than an hour and a half, and didn’t wait even five minutes. Thank you ER staff at Jordan Hospital!

What a way to spend a Friday morning on a Friday the 13th! I think I’m becoming superstitious now…

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  1. That is definitely a Friday the 13th type of story. I hope he is okay and can appreciate the fabulous wound he can share with his friends.

    • Cheryl says:

      Thanks! He is fine (nothing ever bothers him for long – thank goodness!), doc said he shouldn’t have a scar, and telling him he’ll have a wicked story for school on Monday is how I think I got him to feel better so quickly.