On a day when I got out of bed at 4am? Seriously?

Wednesdays are no pre-school days, so I knew it was going to be a rough ride when the baby had me out of bed enough times at 4am that there was no hope of going back to sleep. Unfortunately, I’m one of those people that once I’m all the way awake, that’s pretty much it, I’m awake for hours with no hope for a nap in sight until Daddy gets home anytime between 5- and 8pm.

I would have been fine if I’d waited until tomorrow to go out. I needed to go to Town Hall to sign Connor up for swimming lessons and BJs for formula and muffins for Connor’s snack (I know – bad mommy, Connor won’t take anything but mini-muffins to school for snack, I’m working on that). But, I decided that since it felt like I’ve had to go out every day for weeks, that I should get it over with before I fell into a coma and give myself a day off and a chance for a nap tomorrow when Connor is at school and the baby is sleeping. Silly me!

It took 30 minutes of telling Connor over and over to put on his clothes (he usually hangs out in his pjs because he loves that they have thier own feet). I don’t know why we go through this ritual every single effing day, but he just can’t seem to get dressed until I’ve yelled the words “underwear”, “pants”, “socks”, “shirt”, and “shoes” about 50 times each. Sure, it would go faster if I just put the clothes on him, but since he’s starting kindergarten next year, his teachers think it would be better if he did all that stuff himself. Go figure. I finally get him to get dressed (I’m reading blogs on my laptop during this time), and he comes over and taps the back of my head.

Connor: “Mamma”

Me: “Yes baby”

Connor: “The baby needs japamas” Did I mention he’s going to kindergarten next year? Or that he usually has a very good vocabulary and good pronunciation? I had to ask…

Me: “What did you just say?”

Connor: “The baby needs PAJAMAS!”

Me: “No, you said ‘japamas’!”

He continues to deny he mispronounced it – even though we both laughed like crazy for about 20 minutes.

I finally managed to get the baby and myself ready to go even though I had tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard. Town hall was pretty uneventful, other than Connor exhibiting the fact that he does not have a shy side…a behavior that continues to make me feel like a horrible mother what with all the “stranger danger” teaching going on. Ditto with BJs.

The problem came when we were on our way home from BJs. The baby had apparently chosen 60 miles an hour on Route 3 North to get hungry and get very vocal about it. I asked Connor to get the baby’s binky and put it in his mouth. (I keep his binky right beside him in the carseat so it’s always easy to find). Well, even though it had only been something like two or three minutes, the baby was very upset because he was starving…he’d just woken from a nap, and the binky just wasn’t going to cut it.

Connor: “Mamma – he doesn’t want the binky!”

Me: “Okay, hang on a sec, I’ll get his bottle” I managed to reach behind me (thankfully I put the bag in the truck with the bottle close to me), got the bottle, and handed it to him. Then Connor literally threw the binky at me!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but Kyle is extremely picky about his binky…he only likes one. And we got it when we were at the hospital. And they don’t have it in any of the stores around here. At all.

So when Connor chucked the binky at me overhand, I almost went off the road trying to catch it! I wasn’t afraid of it landing on the floor and getting dirty…what I was afraid of is that it would go where nothing has ever been recovered from before…the space where the seatbelts go into the seat. In an ordinary car, this is not an issue, but for some reason, the dumbasses who designed the 2002 Ford F150 XLT thought it would be a great idea to leave a gap large enough to trap a toddler directly over the greasy tracks the seat slides back and forth on. I can’t tell you how much stuff has disappeared down that space never to be seen again, and if we lost Kyle’s binky, I was s-c-r-e-w-e-d.

Kyle finally fell asleep, and I found the binky when we got home (it had bounced off my leg and landed safely on the seat right under the fold-down middle console – and was not covered in grease).

I’m now off to the hospital to beg and plead and see if they can give me a couple of back-up binkys.

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