Adventures in Walmart?!

I’m sure most people over the age of 30 have heard of the movie “Adventures in Babysitting” from 1987. It was on television constantly during the late 1980s, and since there was usually nothing else on, my sister and I have seen it many, many times. Well, yesterday was my turn – only it was “Adventures in Walmart”.

I needed to make a trip to Walmart with my four-year-old son in tow to exchange¬†a small piece of clothing for the same item in a different size, and since we weren’t purchasing anything else, I thought it would be a good idea to start getting my son used to walking through the store with me rather than put him in a carriage seat like I usually do.

We walked into the store, he put some coins in the “Help the Children” thing that lets the coins roll on forever – much to the joy of small children everywhere, we stopped so he could examine some toy-themed kids clothes, and picked out what I needed in less than 10 minutes – and without incident. He held my hand, listened to what I said to him…all in all, it was a very successful “first-time-walking-by-himself” in the store.

I had recently bought a new dress for Easter, so I decided that since we weren’t in any hurry, we should go look at shoes for a few minutes to see if they had any that would match my new dress better than the ones I had in mind to wear. I should have quit while we were ahead. Apparently, they have been playing “tag” at my son’s school, because all of the sudden, every man within 15 years of my husband’s age became the victim of “The Serial Tagger”!

Thankfully, the first couple we came upon saw him coming, and laughed and played along. The next man we passed was facing the back of the store and didn’t even know we were there – the poor guy jumped what seemed like six feet off the floor when Connor tagged him. He was good-natured about it though…I apologized as he laughed and played with Connor, and we were on our way.

We finally made it to the Exchanges desk without further ado, but the line was about 12 people deep. Connor did the typical “dangle-by-mum’s-arm” bit a lot, and wanted to play with the vending machines, but was pretty good for the most part…until it was our turn in line. He then decided it was time for tag again and tagged not only the woman in front of us, but also the couple behind us and then he ran behind the counter and tagged the cashier! I apologized to everyone, firmly gripped him by the arm (as best I could without either hurting him or allowing him to slip from my grasp), stooped down to his level and explained to him that we don’t play tag at the store and he can’t do that to people unless he asks if they want to play tag first because he scares them when he tags them. I was mortified. He had behaved himself all day long at home, and the second we got out of the house, he was acting like I had been feeding him chocolate by the pound.

Here I am – blushing from embarrassment that my son is behaving this way, sweating profusely from trying to hold the arm of a wriggling, jerking four-year-old, apologizing to pretty much everyone in the Exchanges room, and thinking about the stern talk I’m going to have with him when we get to the truck – when he points at the purple flowers the woman in line ahead of us was purchasing and says: “those are not for her, those are for mamma!” Everyone in the Exchanges room looked at him, and you could almost hear the “awwwww”.

As mortified as I was, he was still my sweet little boy, and we were able to brighten some people’s day and make them smile and laugh – which is worth being embarrassed for a few minutes!

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