Finally…a little sleep!

Yes, I said Kyle is an easy-to-please baby, and generally he is. However, he has most definitely not been the best sleeper!

At the hospital, he did pretty well with sleeping, but he was a newborn and had just gone through the rigors of being born…which is enough to tire anyone out. Since coming home, he’s been waking up usually two, sometimes three times a night, and he wakes up hungry – the kind of hungry where I think he’d literally ingest a shoe if you put it near his mouth. However, unlike Connor, Kyle doesn’t wake up for a fifteen or twenty minute feed-fest and go back to sleep. He wakes up and eats for as long as an hour. I sometimes wonder if both his legs are hollow.

Well, I think – make that hope – that we may have finally broken that pattern. Over the past week he’s only woken up more than once a couple of nights. He’s actually been letting me sleep for five hours at a stretch here and there!

Now if I could just get hubby on a regular sleep schedule…


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