Happy Endings

It never ceases to amaze me how much happier and at peace we would be if we would just relax and get out of our own way. Today was Connor’s 5th birthday party, and as usual, I was a stressed out mess before everyone got here, and wanted to strangle Lee over the smallest of things. Thankfully, my mother came an hour early to help out with the baby so I could get Connor and myself bathed, showered and dressed while Lee was out going to the dump and picking up some last minute party items. As soon as she got here, she started calming me down and reminding me of some little things I had forgotten to take care of, and we were still setting a few things up when the guests arrived, but I could have saved myself hours of worry had I just let it go and had faith that things would work out the way they were supposed to.

All the food was ready on time, the kids all played together happily (even though there were three girls and four boys ranging in age from 5 to 10), the adults were able to sit and talk while the kids were being loud and having fun at the other end of the house, the games and cake decorating went smoothly, and there were enough women here that I wasn’t trying to organize everything with a newborn in my arms all day – it was great! There were a few moments of chaos, but with all that was going on, it was nothing that wasn’t expected.

What made the day even more special for Connor (and Lee) is that one of Connor’s friends from school and his dad came. I honestly think just them being here made Connor happiest. Hopefully, next time we have a little party like this, I’ll remember to just relax and let it happen instead of letting my own dumb self get so worked up about silly little things.

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