AP Math & Mason Jars #NaBloPoMo

My next class (that starts tomorrow – EEK!) is AP Math, or Surveys of Mathematical Methods. Yikes.

Well, I’ve been reading the text – thanks to a $150 book – and apparently, I haven’t lost the math ability I had in high school! Color me completely relieved! I was totally freaking out wondering if I’d be able to pass this class because I haven’t had to use advanced math skills since oh, the last time I was in a math class. So today, I’m thankful that a major nervous breakdown has been averted.

I have another up-cycling idea for you too!

I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but I LOVE to craft…so my office/craft room is jammed with stuff for making things. Naturally, I pretty much am willing to cause physical harm to people in order to keep everything neat, but functional.

How cool are mason jar sewing kits? There is NO SKILL required to make these – just put a puff of pillow filler on top of the lid insert, cover with fabric, and glue the fabric to the back of the insert!

A huge thanks to Up-cycle That for this amazing idea!

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