Patches, Training & Plastic, Oh My! #NaBloPoMo

I went to another Cub Scout Leader training today – it was fun, but more importantly, it was informative. And – for attending the training and being trained in Youth Protection – I was awarded with my first leadership badge…the Trained Patch. Not only am I grateful for those who volunteer to put on these training sessions, but the excitement Connor expressed when I came home and showed him my 1st patch made getting up at 6am after being woken at 3am totally worth it! He wanted me to put it on the shirt I was wearing today, RIGHT THEN…forcing me to explain that I’d rather put it on a uniform shirt. His response to that was “Well, go get one mamma!”

Our portable air conditioner decided to spring a major leak on us a couple of summers ago, and to avoid paying several hundred dollars for a new one, we purchased a $13 under-the-bed storage bin to catch the water and just scooped the water out every few days. This year, the air conditioner suddenly decided to add a peculiar stench to the water it was leaking. It’s kind of a cross between stinky feet and vomit. A wonderful, nasty, nightmares-about-rotting-corpses-chasing-you-down kind of smell. So we’re finally bringing it to the transfer station to be dismantled and rendered as close to nothing as possible tomorrow. Hubs wanted to chuck the plastic bin, too…but after my environment class, I just can’t bring myself to put any more plastic than absolutely necessary into a landfill or incinerator somewhere, so rather than throw it out, I’m just going to clean the shit out of it using rubber gloves and copious amounts of bleach.

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