Not-so-fun Halloween

Well, we made it through Sandy pretty much unscathed, but my poor 6-year-old guy is going to miss Halloween this year – he’s in the hospital with pneumonia.

We’ve all had colds on-and-off for the past month, and yesterday, I woke up to find Connor’s breathing labored and fast, and he looked pretty pale. After all the cases of bronchiolitis we dealt with when he was little, I wasn’t going to mess around, so I took him to the ER. They’ve got him on oxygen, nebulizer steroid treatments, and broad-spectrum antibiotics, so hopefully his oxygen levels will come back up and he can come home tomorrow.

The good news is that his color is much better today, and you can tell he’s feeling at least a little better because his ears have suddenly stopped working (he always does exactly as he’s told when he doesn’t feel well) and he keeps getting out of bed to bug the nurses. Also, we’re planning a costumed, hospital-based scavenger hunt for treats when I go back in around an hour, so he won’t miss Halloween altogether. He’s not too upset about missing school for the week, either. 😉

I hope you all made it through Sandy alright, and wish you all a safe, happy Halloween!

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