We Need Writers!

In light of some major editorial and vision differences, I am no longer involved in the group project I had a large hand in creating in September. It was a major problem for me, and for two other Editors involved with the site, so we left. It totally bummed us out.

The good news is that we haven’t given up on our vision! We’ve teamed up and are launching what is going to be a fun, all-encompassing site called Off the Deep End.

This is where you guys come in… 🙂

We need writers! Whether you have a blog or not, or think you’re any good or not, we’re willing to read some of your work and see if you’ll be a good fit for our team!

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please get in touch with us at admin@off-the-deep-end.net as soon as possible. We’re looking for a November 14th launch date, and would like to have our writers in place by then.



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  1. Anne says:

    Good luck! It sounds very exciting.

  2. Anna says:

    I would be pleased but, I am cannot imagine being a writer! I don;t know I write just in order to share my thoughts..not because this is my job But anyway – Good luck with that, I am sure you will find what you need!

  3. kerry says:

    I would love to get involved! Will pop you an email x