Can I Smack Her?!

Okay, all us moms know how important breastfeeding is, but I seriously want to just smack Gisele Bundchen. She made a statement along the lines of “breastfeeding your child for the first six months should be a worldwide law”. See the story here on

As of today, she is of course back-pedaling because of the backlash her comment incited, but seriously – who do these celebrities think they are that they can just spout these opinions? I can’t imagine the number of mothers out there who were dying to breastfeed their children but couldn’t, for one reason or another, and I’m sure her insensitive comment made them all feel like failures as a mother. I know, because I’m one of them.

When Connor was born, he was jaundiced. Immediately after birth, and for the first week of his life, he was in a light-box in the hospital to treat the jaundice. We were somewhat successful at breastfeeding in the hospital, but because he had to spend so much time under the light, I supplemented with bottles while in the hospital. Upon returning home, I spent a torturous six weeks trying in vain to breastfeed him. My milk never truly came in, every feeding was excruciatingly painful, I was terrified that he wasn’t getting enough nutrition – I even tried pumping to the point that my nipples felt like they were going to fall off…and still my milk didn’t come in. I finally gave up when he started becoming as miserable about the whole thing as I was because he would latch on, but get virtually nothing no matter how hard we both tried. I was heartbroken.

I certainly hope that this little episode of her “insert-foot-in-mouth-up-to-the-knee” taught her and others like her that we all have our opinions, but unlike an afternoon hanging out with your friends, an interview is definitely not the place to voice them.

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