Oh, the Things Kids Say!!!

Allow me to set the stage for you…

It’s 8:20pm, and after not sleeping much last night and working at home today, I’m pooped. My husband Lee just walked in the door after working all day and going food shopping, so I went out to the kitchen to help put the groceries away.

Our 4 year old, Connor, has been running around pants-less for a few weeks now in an effort to ditch pull-ups, and he is running all over the house overflowing with “Daddy’s-home-itis”…when he suddenly bolts into the room and says “I just made poop bubbles!”


“I made poop bubbles!” he says again – quite proudly.

My husband and I look at each other with a nervous, questioning look on each of our faces, then proceed to ask Connor – “did you go poops in the toilet?” He replies “no.”

We both ask – in unison – “did you fart?”, which receives a “yes” answer.

My husband then asked a question that would never had occurred to me in a million years, while my brain is picturing various areas in the house that may or may not be covered with poop – “was it wet?” The question in and of itself was enough to stop me dead in my tracks after I had started going for the paper towels and wipes.

Thankfully – the answer was an immediate “no”. Usually any hesitation indicates that our son isn’t sure what we’re asking him or that he’s fibbing.

After a great sigh of relief and a look at each other, my husband and I both just said “poop bubbles!” and exploded into laughter…immediately after which I had to run my preggo butt upstairs to use the toilet!

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  1. Sally Vollenweider says:

    OMG, but kids are SO funny. You almost sent me running for the bathroom and I’m not pregnant!! My kids (lots older than Connor) refer to his poop bubbles as “sharts”… I leave you and your readers to interpret that one.